Thursday, August 12, 2010


A Facebook Friend asked about the robbery:
What we have in my case is a policeman who, on the spur of the moment, decided to believe my mother who thought I was the thief. I didn't know what was going on at that moment until years later when a member of the family let slip that $2,000. had been stolen from my mother sometime before I was attacked. My guess is that would have occurred the summer of 1996, because that was when my mother started behaving so strangely toward me. It would have been about three or four years after the attack that I heard about the money. I didn't know that my mother had money missing until then, but looking back at the attack, I remembered that my mother was screaming "What did you do with my money?" And she was tearing at my clothes and tearing through the pages of my bible and my purse. At the time, I was in shock and I didn't get it. I was just thinking she had lost her mind and was having some sort of hallucination.

Dawn McSweeney had complete freedom to come and go in the house. Only she and her mother, my sister Debbie, had complete access and freedom. No one else. My father was also ill with cancer and he was a totally honourable man.

There was no investigation. The policeman just put me out in the street and left all my belongings with the thief. From there, the police at the local station listened to my mother who promised them that all my belongings would be returned to me if I would just be patient. But she did not have the knowledge or the power to return my belongings because Dawn McSweeney had complete control of everything and my mother was a sick old woman who couldn't even climb the stairs to my rooms to see what was going on. She just believed Dawn because Dawn was Jewish and I had betrayed the faith by converting.

There is not a marshmallow's chance in hell that Dawn will repent. I have been begging my sister Debbie to make her do so for years. Dawn writes poetry about love and God but, trained by my mother, Dawn believes in crystals, ghosts, men in flying saucers - I think you get the idea. God is in there somewhere, but not the God most people consider God. She believes in a god of her invention. She is "Jewish" by tradition, that includes Jewish food, but that would be it.

So, I fight on. Our government agencies - Quebec Human Rights Commission, Quebec Ombudsman, my Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings - have all turned their backs hoping this gnat will just disappear one way or another. But as long as I can think and sit up and write, I will fight for what is my own. This mosquito will keep biting until justice is done.

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