Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I reach out to my baby sister. Debbie, who is now a grandmother.
I know that your daughter, Dawn McSweeney is a thief.
Dawn robbed me.
But her boyfriend, Alex Lavergne, writes again and again that YOU are the thief. And a stranger named Andrew Frankl writes that you are the thief. Where did he get that from? Alex Lavergne.
Sheila believes you are responsible for the crimes.
I know you never cared for money or jewels or material things. But I also know that you would do anything to protect your children.
I also know that you were always weak. Men control you and you obey.You are always afraid.
I am sure that Alex Lavergne, Ed McSweeney and Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme are behind the crimes committed by Dawn.
How do I know? From my personal experiences and from common sense. By their actions. Plus motive, means and opportunity.
You would never have become a thief. Dawn and Alex and Ed and Prud'homme have made you an accomplice, a criminal - and a hermit. You are alone because you are afraid.
Ma was afraid. She did not fear death, she told me, but she was terrified of being placed in a public facility. That's why she gave you all that power that Dawn and her partners used to rob and destroy our family.
Debbie, I have always loved you and I can forgive you. Just return everything you have stolen and I will forgive you for the years of agony your actions have caused me.
I will never forgive Dawn and her accomplices, but you are my baby sister, and I will forgive you, You don't have to be alone. Just tell the truth and show the police where my belongings are.
I will share this with the world. Somewhere, someone will care enough to bring justice to me and to the rest of the family that Dawn and her partners in crime robbed - with the help of the Montreal Police.
Truth is the most powerful weapon on earth. You can't change it or escape from it. You have the rest of your life to live. Will you live it in fear and isolation, or come forward and end this nightmare?
If you are afraid, ask the police to help you get to a women's shelter. There, counsellors will help you and you can start to return to a normal life.

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