Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This is a message to my "baby" sister, Debbie. I doubt that she knows how to use a computer or read anything published in newspapers or on the Internet, but if you know Debbie, perhaps you might let her know about this message.
Debbie was the  most beautiful, gentle, sweet child. She was kind and sensitive. An angel child. But Debbie was overweight from birth, and, as far as I know, she had no friends. Until she attended a summer urban camp called "unschool" at Sir George Williams College in Montreal. There she met Ed McSweeney, an American citizen studying in Montreal at the time of the Viet Nam war.  Debbie was mesmerized.
From that time on, we didn't "know" Debbie anymore. I have reported this before, so I will not elaborate. The whole story is open to the world at http://dawnmcsweeney.blogspot.com
I think about Debbie - and yes, I pray for her - every day.... not because I am a firm "believer," but because I care so much about her and I don't know how to help her myself. I have no way of knowing what hell she may be living in. But based on what I do know about the men who have enslaved her for decades - Ed McSweeney and Kenmeth Gregoire Prud'homme - I fear for her all the time.
So, today, once again, I am writing on the World Wide Web, hoping that somehow, someone will try to save her.
Debbie fears me. Why? I have never done a thing to harm her. I have never wanted to hurt her. I have always loved her.
But Debbie's daughter, Dawn McSweeney - the Happy Tree Yoga "Guru" - is a thief who robbed me and robbed our family - not only of every precious thing that belongs to us - but of years that Dawn's crimes have torn away from us, from our parents.
Both our parents died without knowing what had really been done to them, without daring to face what was done to us by Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog. 
None of Dawn McSweeney's crimes could have succeeded - without the help of the Montreal Police - who have aided and abetted her actions from the day I was attacked and robbed in our family at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, in Montreal where I had been living with my parents for two years while undergoing chemotherapy and trying to recover after the death of my beloved husband.
Detailed reports of these crimes are open to the world, and more than 162,800 people around the world have now read my reports. But there is still no justice for crime victims in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where the Montreal Police help the criminals.
Tell Debbie I love her.  The criminals have stolen years from our lives. I am hoping there is still time for Debbie to save herself. All she has to do is go to the Suburban newspaper or a TV station or a radio station or a police station and tell the truth. There are ways they can protect you, Debbie. I will never testify against you. I still believe that you are one of Dawn' victims and not one of her "partners in crime."
I am 78 years old now and fighting cancer. We never know how much time is left to us. Debbie, speak up before it is too late. Stephen is gone. Ma and Pa are gone.
Our sister lives in isolation - a hermit - like you, but her life is rich and soft  and comfortable and her husband takes care of her. She is also a victim of Dawn's crimes, but she chooses silence. She refuses to deal with reality if it is difficult or exposes her to the world. As you know, she is well educated. She writes Letters to the Editor - but she uses a nom-de-plume. She hides. I never did and I never will.
Life is not worth living in fear, in isolation, in hiding - as you do, as our mother did. Lives wasted in fear of people. Ma feared everyone - except the thief, your daughter, Dawn McSweeney. How ironic that the person she trusted was the one who tore us all to pieces.
I have friends who love me and have helped me when my family did not. They have helped me through one major crisis after another for decades. Christians, Muslims, Jews. My friends have helped me. I am alive because I have people who love me.
You do not have to live as a slave anymore, Debbie. You do not have to be afraid - certainly not of me. I would do anything I could to help you. But I will never stop pursuing the criminal case against Dawn, and you can't protect her from that by living in darkness. I will never stop demanding the return of everything she stole from me and from the rest of the family.
Why waste the rest of your life in darkness? I don't hate you. I don't blame you. I can't believe you were a willing participant in Dawn's crimes.
In 2009, you told our sister that you found a lump in your breast. Was that true? I don't want to hear that you have died. I couldn't bear it. Speak up before it is too late.

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