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What have I not investigated, studied, considered, analyzed and reported time and time again to the authorities in the Dawn McSweeney Robbery Case?
In fact there is something I have not delved into. What happened to the money that was stolen from my mother some time prior to Dawn McSweeney robbing me on October 7, 1996 ?
I have studied every minute aspect of Dawn's crimes insofar as it concerns what she stole from me and precisely how she did it. I have gone over the details day and night for fourteen years. Never was a crime studied so carefully, scrupulously and with such devotion to the cause of justice.
But I have no first hand knowledge of who stole my mother's money - the money Dawn persuaded my mother I had taken - the basis upon which - apart from my religion - Dawn worked my mother up into believing I was the devil incarnate. After all, I was the betrayer of the faith - the Christian. Today, I decided to consider the question of my mother's missing money.
The question is: Who could have stolen my mother's money?
Who had access in the house ? Dawn McSweeney. My sister, Debbie, Dawn's mother. Ed McSweeney, Dawn's father. Alex Lavergne, Dawn's boyfriend. And me.
Almost no one ever entered the house, but anyone who did was watched every minute and checked thoroughly before leaving. Anyone who had to come into the house to do essential repairs did not leave the house without my mother physically patting them down and checking their tool boxes. She did it in a joking manner - just kidding - but she did it.
My father was an honourable man. In 1996, he was sick with cancer and could barely walk. He didn't go anywhere and he didn't need money.  He had laboured all his life and only spent money on taking care of his home and his family. He denied himself totally for decades  - never went to a restaurant or the movies. Never even bought himself a new suit or new shoes. He had given up his car. He didn't smoke or drink. Anything he had went into the house or the bank.
Who knew that my mother had hidden money?  I had no knowledge of it.  Never thought of it. In fact, in all my life, I never even asked my father what he earned. It was three or four years after I was robbed that someone blurted out that $2,000. had been stolen from my mother. Only then did the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.
I didn't know that my mother had money hidden or missing until then, but then, looking back to the attack, I remembered that my mother was screaming "What did you do with my money?" And she was tearing at my clothes and tearing through the pages of my bible and my purse. At the time, I was in shock - rigid, breathless, faint. It was a nightmare ! I felt my mother had lost her mind and was having some sort of hallucination.
So we know that the only people who had access within the house in the 1990's and could leave without being checked were Debbie, Dawn, Ed, and Alex - and me. And since I didn't do it, and I am the only one willing to take a polygraph test … Friends of mine who came for a very short visit one afternoon in the summer of 1996, never left my parent's or my sight. They sat in the living room with us for about an hour or so and went out the same door through which they had entered.
The next question is - Where was the money hidden? My mother could not climb stairs. Therefore, she could not have hidden it in the bedrooms upstairs or in the basement or garage. My mother's activities were limited to the living room-dining room areas, the bathroom and kitchen. If the money had been locked up in the hall closet, only someone who had the key could have taken it. Who had the key?
While I was living in the house and undergoing cancer treatments from early in 1994 until I was attacked and robbed on October 7, 1996, I tried my best to help out. I mopped the kitchen floor, I washed and folded laundry. I cooked. I washed dishes. Once, while I was folding laundry into a box in the dining area, my mother started scolding me: "Leave it alone ! Pa will do it."
I wanted to help so I continued folding the laundry. And now, all these years later, I am wondering if that is the area where the money might have been hidden.
Dawn McSweeney made my mother believe I took that money. Clearly that is why my mother attacked me, leaving Dawn McSweeney with total control of all my property - and tragically - total control of my parents and all their property - and their lives as well.
Who could have stolen my mother's money ?  The field is very narrow. I am available to take a polygraph test anytime.

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