Friday, November 5, 2010


Dawn McSweeney is a thief. I have been reporting her crimes since October 7, 1996, when she robbed me of everything I worked for all my life, every good thing given to me by people who loved me, every sentimental treasure left to me by my beloved husband.
A few months ago, I discovered that Dawn McSweeney now calls herself a "yoga guru", and she works in Montreal for a company called Happy Tree Yoga. I have given quite some thought to this. It has been troubling me.
I checked the Happy Tree Yoga website and saw the names of other yoga teachers who work there. And I have been wondering about that. I didn't recognize any of the names of any of the other employees, but I have thought about it. Could some of those other people be implicated with Dawn among her "partners in crime" as she calls her accomplices on her own website?
I have been wondering how this company could be employing Dawn McSweeney as a yoga guru when I have been reporting her crimes for fourteen years. Don't they know what she has done? Don't they check a person's background before hiring them? Her name appears on Google many, many times and all the facts are there for anyone in the world to read. Don't they care that they have employed a thief to teach their clients the way to Nirvana? If they doubt what they read, could they not have written to me and asked their questions? But no one ever has. The more I think about it, the more I wonder.
Are any of Happy Tree's other employees also criminals? If so, do the police know? I don't want to blow any undercover operation, but I am only surmising, wondering. I really don't have any information about Happy Tree Yoga except that they are employing Dawn McSweeney - who is a thief.
If the other employees are honourable people, has management advised them about Dawn McSweeney's crimes? If they are innocent people, don't they deserve to know so they can protect themselves and any valuables they may have? 
Dawn works slowly and carefully. She may take months or years to accomplish her goals. She smiles, she writes flowery poetry. She could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to the President of the United States. My mother trusted her, but my mother was mentally handicapped, so she was an easy target. Once a psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital Davis Building told my mother - in the presence of our entire family - that she needed psychiatric treatment. My mother told the doctor that HE was crazy, and she never went back.
After my mother's death - after Dawn had robbed my mother and then robbed me - she wrote passionate poems of adoration dedicated to my mother. Dawn McSweeney can mislead almost anyone. But I doubt she could fool a polygraph machine which is, no doubt, why she refused to take a police polygraph after she robbed me. I have told the police that I am available to take a polygraph test at any time.
I don't want Dawn McSweeney to lose her job. But did she stop robbing people after she stole all my valuables and received her share of the will made  in my mother's name  by one of her "partners in crime" - a stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - a will made when my mother was 92 years old and handicapped mentally and physically?
Prior to her death in 2007, my mother had been kept in total isolation for almost ten years by Dawn McSweeney's "partners in crime". When I found that my mother had been taken out of her home, I begged the Montreal Police at the Somerled station to go and see my mother's condition, but they refused.
Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme made the bizarre new will in my mother's name in 2005. Dawn McSweeney and her mother, my youngest sister, Debbie Rubin McSweeney, were the only beneficiaries in Prud'homme's will that cut out all my father's legitimate heirs who were specifically named in his own will. All his children and grandchildren were omitted from the Prud'homme's will. Debbie and Dawn took everything my father had worked for all his life - his house and all the money he had saved all his life by denying himself even a new suit or a new pair of shoes. He wanted everything to go to his children and grandchildren. Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and Dawn McSweeney had other plans. 
Dawn should have plenty of money after robbing all her relatives. But some thieves never can stop. So, I hope she does not lose her job because she might then start to rob other trusting people, like my parents - who both died after years of being apart from all their children and grandchildren - having their family torn apart by Dawn McSweeney.
Both my parents went to their graves not knowing the truth about what Dawn had done to our family. My mother believed Dawn because she pretended to be a sweet and devoted Jewish girl - while I had chosen to be baptized and was, therefore , "the enemy" - the devil incarnate. Dawn sold my mother on that story and, because of her mental state and her helplessness, she believed her. Even as a young girl, Dawn could fool her own mother, Debbie, but she never fooled me, and she despised me for not falling under her spell and succumbing to her will..
Dawn McSweeney is a thief, and by her lies and crimes, she destroyed my family - her own family. She is a very convincing actress. Goldilocks. But never turn your back when she is around.
I apologize for waiting so long to write this report, but I didn't want to risk Dawn losing her job and starting to rob other innocent people. I will not approach anyone directly, but someone should let the employees at Happy Tree Yoga  know about Dawn McSweeney so - if they are not involved in her crimes - they can protect themselves and if, by chance any of them are, they should know that I copy all my reports directly to the Montreal Police, members of government and to the media.
Full reports of Dawn McSweeney's crimes and her history are open to the public at

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