Monday, October 31, 2011


If truth and persistence are symptoms of insanity,
then I am truly mad.
Phyllis Carter

My name is Phyllis Carter. I am a Canadian and I am a crime victim. I have been fighting for justice since October 7, 1996, when I was attacked in my home and robbed of everything I had worked for all my life and everything left to me by my beloved husband. A Montreal Police officer helped the thief and the police have refused to pursue this case from the start. They say their hands are tied and crime victims have no rights.

At the Meet the Candidates assembly in NDG on October 7, 2008, Liberal Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, stated before all the candidates and the public, "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times". She indicated that there was nothing she could do about the first and second violations because of the system, but she will help me with the third violation - the 2005 will made in my 92 year old mother's name.

Mrs. Jennings repeated this statement at a Sunday service at Rosedale United Church in NDG, Montreal.

The three violations.

1. In 1996, the Montreal Police refused to file a report of the initial robbery. They have continued to refuse to act ever since.
2. In 2007, immediately following the death of my mother, the same group of criminals obtained a court order accusing me of being insane and dangerous. I was released from hospital unconditionally as soon as the doctors found out what my accusers had done and why. After my mother's death, we learned that -
3. In 2005, the same group who call themselves "Partners in Crime" created a will in my mother's name when she was 92 years old and handicapped physically and mentally. My mother was kept in total isolation by these criminals for ten years - until her death. The sole beneficiaries of the 2005 will were the same people who robbed me and obtained the court order against me. Then it became clear why these criminals tried to discredit me and silence me.

Dawn McSweeney and her associates robbed me and my family. I have provided copious evidence to the Montreal Police from the start, but the Montreal Police do nothing.

If the Montreal Police had acted properly on October 7, 1996, Dawn McSweeney and her "Partners in Crime" would never have had the chance to steal all my most precious possessions or to obtain a court order declaring me insane and dangerous.
They would never have had the opportunity to make a will in my mother's name, when she was 92 years old and handicapped - physically and mentally. A will from which only the circle of thieves benefited. They took everything that my father had worked for all his life. Everything he had willed to his children and grandchildren.
They would not have been able to keep our mother in total isolation for a decade until her death in 2007.

Everything that has happened since October 7, 1996, can be directly linked to the incompetence and - perhaps - corruption, of the Montreal Police, and Quebec's so-called "justice system".

I waited for Marlene Jennings to act since 2008. She fell silent after she was re-elected in 2008. But I did not just wait.
I struggle for justice night and day. Day and night for fifteen years now. Somewhere there is an honest person who has authority and the conscience to do what is right. I continue to search for that person.
Phyllis Carter
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