Friday, October 29, 2010

When Dawn McSweeney decided to rob me, I don't think she could have realized that she was taking on a whirlwind. I don't think she thought of anything but her own desire to hurt me, to turn my parents against me, and to force me from my home and take my place - and to steal everything of value that I had in the house. I don't think she could have foreseen that, in robbing me, she had tied herself to me with no way to escape. 
Yoga guru and crystal gazer Dawn McSweeney is my prisoner until she confesses and returns everything she stole. Until my precious belongings are in my hands again, Dawn McSweeney's life is under my microscope and that of the World Wide Web.
Mpassion for justice is relentless. It is as hot as lightening. It pierces the space between me and the thief no matter where she may be. When she is awake, when she is asleep, when she is in a trance, I am with her. There is nowhere she can hide from the truth of her crimes.
It is not the material value of my belongings that I treasure. Unlike Dawn McSweeney, money means nothing to me except as a means to buy food and medicine and pay rent. It is the spirit of each gift that is so precious to me. Dawn McSweeney stole almost all of my personal treasures on October 7, 1996, including my husband's Deputy Sheriff's badge and his trademark grey Stetson fedora, Cliff's rings and all my best jewellery, and our wedding portrait and much, much more.
But my malevolent niece could not steal the spirit of my belongings that remain vividly in my memory and in my heart. I am bound up in the spirit of my life's treasures by the memories and the love that lives in each one of them. In stealing my precious belongings, Dawn McSweeney attached herself to me with an unbreakable bond. She will never - and I vow, never  - be free of me, until she returns every single thing she stole.
The thief has a tiger by the tail, a dark cloud around her soul, a whirlwind sucking in her every breath, and while I have never approached her and never will, she will never have a moment's peace day or night because she made herself my prisoner when she robbed me. Every hand that touches my belongings is damned by my righteous anger, my relentless prayers and the promise that justice will be done.

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