Sunday, April 3, 2011


April 3, 2011 
JUSTICE IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN - The only issues in the election are money and separatism. The plight of crime victims is not even mentioned. .
Unless there is a murder or a major drug business involved, all the authorities - from the Montreal Police up to Quebec's Police Ethics Commissioner, to the Quebec courts, Quebec's "Droits de la personne", the Quebec Legislature, the Liberal Party, the Conservatives and the NDP - all ignore crime and sit on laws that protect criminals. The pleas of crime victims are suppressed and smothered at every level. See the detailed reports, the evidence, at THE DAWN MCSWEENEY ROBBERY CASE - 
Cheryl Bullock That is why we need to arm ourselves with voices and STICK TOGETHER as a team
    Phyllis Carter  Cheryl, I agree totally. When I fight, I am fighting for justice. Justice means justice for everyone. It means compassion and compensation and protection for victims and their families and for the innocent. It means prison or castration or death for villains. It means that thieves must return what they have stolen and be subject to appropriate terms in prison. Justice means that the punishment must fit the crime - not accommodate the rich who can afford expensive lawyers or those who have friends in the system. Justice means everyone who is a victim of crime or abuse must be treated justly. Each of us alone can be crushed like a bug by those who hold power, but when we support each other, we have a chance to force the authorities to take the appropriate action. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.
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