Monday, May 16, 2011


Our whole civilization's structure is built on the collective - the group, the political party, the company, the union, the corporation, the board of governors, the parole board, the school board, the committee, the church, the fraternity, the brotherhood, the armed forces, police forces - always the collective. The authorized bullies rally around to cover the worst criminals - as long as they are members of their tribe. It's like our hockey team, our football team. My country right or wrong. Justice has no part in it. Canadian citizens are suppressed by jungle law.
In that way, the individual wearing a badge or robes may commit all sorts of crimes and abuses with relative impunity - and even walk away from his crimes with a fat bonus to boot. All the rogue or the bungler has to do is hide under the skirts and the symbols of the collective while they pull up the drawbridge to keep out those pesty citizens who come pleading for justice. 
On October 7, 1996, A Montreal Police officer helped a young thief named Dawn McSweeney to rob me and destroy our family.
Then the Montreal Police detectives cover up: Incriminating fingerprints disappeared from the empty jewellery cases returned by the thief, Dawn McSweeney to the victim - five months after the attack and robbery.
In 2008, Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, stated at two public meetings,
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
But no one is held responsible. No one did anything wrong. These crimes are in nobody's jurisdiction. The case is closed - even though it was never open.
To this day, The Montreal Police are still covering up for the thief and that policeman, ignoring all the pleas of the victim - a widow fighting for her life against cancer and the thieves. 
I imagine the Montreal Police and the politicians are hoping I will just die and the case will be buried with me. But I have reported these crimes on the World Wide Web and thousands of people around the world know about this case. It will never be buried, never be forgotten. People will be talking about it for generations to come, and they will remember the Montreal Police as the accomplices in The Dawn McSweeney Robbery.
Detailed reports of Dawn McSweeney's crimes and her accomplices are open to the world at -
Almost 21,000 readers world-wide have read these reports so far.

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