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Tests show CT scans cause cancer. (Global TV News)
I had suspected that for a long time, but I was helpless to prevent the Jewish General Hospital from subjecting me to a CT scan when Dawn McSweeney's "partners in crime" obtained a court order accusing me of being insane and dangerous.
Here is part of the story.
June, 2007:  We learned that my mother who had been kept in seclusion for about ten years by the "partners in crime" and their associates had died. I attended the burial. There I saw Dawn McSweeney, for the first time in years, and her mother, my sister, Debbie, and a man I had never seen before. I kept my distance from everyone. No one can say that I interfered with anyone as the occupants of three police cars were witnesses.

I was told that this stranger's name was Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and that my sister Debbie called him "husband".

Within a week of my mother's death, I started to receive hate emails. I filed a complaint with the Montreal Police on June 26, 2007. 
On June 27, 2007, two police officers came knocking on my door with a court order signed by  Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and co-signed by Dawn McSweeney's mother, Debbie, accusing me of being insane and dangerous. I was obliged to go with the police to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for a "thirty day psychiatric evaluation."
I was released unconditionally when the doctors realized that there was something bizarre about the charges reported by my sister and Prud'homme. I had been  a prisoner of the State of Quebec for three days and two nights. Later the psychiatrist told The Suburban Weekly newspaper (September, 2007) that he had never seen anyone do anything like this before.
I was not yet fully aware of why this had been done to me. I knew it was because I wouldn't stop reporting the robbery by Dawn McSweeney on October 7, 1996, but there was more to it. 
When I was released, I found that there were ugly messages left on my blog site. I reported everything to the police. One accused me of "dancing naked on (my) mother's grave." The other accusations were equally bizarre.

After studying all the shocking events as they unfolded, I started to understand what it was all about:
When my mother died, Debbie and Dawn and Prud'homme and their associates who had been hiding her all those years, realized that everyone would soon find out that my mother's will had been changed in 2005 - when she was about 92 years old, and physically and mentally incapacitated.

All my mother's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren had been removed from her will. Everything in the new will - not her will we are certain - was designated to go to Debbie and this stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme whom my sister Debbie now introduced as her "husband". And in the event of their deaths, to Dawn McSweeney. (No one knew what had happened to Debbie's husband, Ed McSweeney, Dawn's father.)

And this Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme that none of us ever heard of before the funeral and whom none of us has ever met or spoken to, was named as the liquidator of the new will made in my mother's name. He was also the mise en cause who signed the court order against me - A man I never met or talked to. A man who doesn't know me, had me detained in hospital for three days to try to discredit and silence me.
Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme put my life in danger and I could do nothing to protect myself.  I now have bone cancer.
And still I continue to fight for justice against the "partners in crime" and those who are helping them. This battle continues day and night and thousands of people around the world are now reading about Dawn McSweeney, Alex Lavergne, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and the Montreal Police who made these crimes possible and who, to this day, continue to cover up these crimes.

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