Thursday, February 3, 2011


February 4, 2011
The federal government has proposed quadrupling the fees for pardon applications to make criminals pay for administrative costs. 
Sharon Danley   ... There are lots of people in prison who shouldn't be too - like the mentally ill and an array of problems due to our questionable legal system. There are much smarter ways to deal with the entire problem. Let's come up with a better plan rather than cavalierly letting people rot. 
Phyllis Carter  There are always excuses for criminals. Insanity is just one excuse. Who in their right mind commits a crime? Therefore, all criminals are insane. But who protects their victims? 
Sharon Danley   Hey folks let cut the hate speech and personal attack for a point of view. Instead let's figure out a way that serves everyone. Not everyone in prison is a criminal. And not all victims are broken for life. And that's not to be disrespectful to either side, but to embrace the facts, the truth and with some compassion. 
Sharon. Please give me the name of someone you know who is a crime victim and has not suffered as a result of the crime. Those I know have suffered so much because of the crime and because of the failure of the police and the injustice system to help us. In my case, the Montreal Police helped the thief who robbed me of everything I worked for all my life, and then, because the system refused to take any legal action in the case, the "partners in crime" went on to steal everything my father worked for all his life. I have suffered day and night for fourteen years, struggling to get justice. It has cost me my family, my peace and my health. Because of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime"  - as she boastfully calls them on her own blog - and the terrible stress, I am now fighting bone cancer as well as fighting for justice. Now you tell me about some crime victim who has not suffered because of the crime and the injustice.

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