Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I think about Debbie all the time. She is probably the victim who has lost the most because of her daughter, Dawn McSweeney's crimes. We have asked Jewish Family Services at Ometz - and to help Debbie. I have pleaded with them. But they refuse. They say that she has to ask for help herself.
So, once again, I reach out to the world in the hope that someone out there has a heart for the innocent and will find a way to help our baby sister, Debbie - because she will always be our baby sister 
Debbie was an angel child, but as you may read on this blog, she loved her daughter Dawn so much ... well  ... Read THE TRAGEDY OF DAWN MCSWEENEY: HOW TO RAISE A CRIMINAL.
I am pleading with the reader: If you know anyone who would help Debbie, please leave a message on this blog.

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